South Dakota Announces Tony & Dar Dean Outdoor Ed Grants Program 1-3-2013

          | January 3, 2013

On Oct. 19, 2008, South Dakota lost one of its foremost conservation leaders with the death of Tony Dean, 67, of Pierre. He left a legacy as an outspoken communicator, a champion for fish and wildlife resources, an accomplished sportsman and a warm and caring family man. He was especially concerned with conserving wildlife habitats for future generations to enjoy, and he worked hard to educate his audiences about the importance of involving young people and their families in the outdoors.

Tony’s wife, Dar, and their family have partnered with the South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation (P&W Foundation) to establish the Tony and Dar Dean Outdoor Education Fund. The fund will continue Tony and Dar Dean’s passion for OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAteaching South Dakota’s families and youth about conservation and providing them an opportunity to experience South Dakota’s fish, wildlife and natural resource heritage. Working in coordination with the South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation, a restricted account has been established for the purpose of accepting donations for the fund’s operations. The P&W Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, and contributions are deductible to the maximum extent allowable for federal income tax purposes.

Central to the fund’s mission of youth conservation education is the operation of its Small Grants Program. This program is intended to provide resources, ideas and other support to people and organizations desiring to provide quality educational outdoor experiences for youth. These small grants are eligible to be used in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

• Funding travel for students or groups to educational opportunities or events

• Providing supplies and materials to promote outdoor knowledge and skills

• Paying instructors and teachers who lead/organize conservation education events

• Create new activities and events that increase outdoor knowledge and participation among South Dakota families and youth

• Supporting the curriculum and volunteers at the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus facilities in Sioux Falls and Rapid City that are applicable to outdoor education events for youth and families

Eligible Applicants:


• Scout Groups

• Clubs and Service Organizations

• Conservation Groups

• Volunteers and Individuals

All grant applicants must be South Dakota-based. However, nonresidents can serve as providers of contract services for the grants.

Possible Projects

• Day trips for outdoor classroom experiences

• Outdoor camps

• Outdoor seminars and education classes at schools, fairs, events and camps

• Preparation of activity books, teachers’ guides and resource training kits or trunks

• Training workshops for instructors and volunteers

Projects are strongly encouraged to have a greater reach and longer lasting impact than the actual grant period and have strong educational value over time.

Application Process

All applications for the Tony and Dar Dean Small Grants Program will be taken electronically/online, using the attached form. This Summary of the Small Grants Program and the application form are available in electronic form at and on the P&W Foundation website at . Completed proposals should be sent to: . For related questions, call John Cooper at 605-222-7582 or Wayne Winter at 605-773-4503.

Timeline and Reports

Grant proposals will be accepted during One window in 2013 – from Jan. 1, 2013, thru March 15, 2013. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be given by April 20, 2013. Actual funding of awarded projects will occur within 30 days after notification of acceptance. In 2013, a total of $4,000 is available for applicants during calendar year 2013 to apply to activities and projects that must be completed in 2013 or in 2014.

All projects must be completed within 14 months after the funding date (by June 20, 2014). A short, mid-term (6 to 8 months) project status report is required, and a final report after the completion of the project is also required to summarize the activities, number of people attending, volunteer hours and the overall impact of the project. If, for valid reasons, the projects are not completed within the allotted 14 months, project sponsors (applicants) desiring extensions must report the current status of the projects and the reasons why they could not be completed as planned. The goal is to provide support for worthwhile projects, and we will strive to work with grant recipients on issues, timelines and problems. However, the grant committee reserves the right to request the return of any unused funds if a project is not completed in accordance with the proposal and the contracts as executed.

Judging Criteria

Project proposals will be reviewed and scored by a panel composed of the Dean family and reviewed by two persons representing the South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation Board. Scoring Criteria may include but may not be limited to:

• Overall impact and future use (can this project be replicated or used elsewhere)

• Reach (how many youth/adults will be involved/impacted)

• Effectiveness in getting youth/adults/families outdoors

• Educational value (if conducted by schools, what standards will be addressed)

• Project longevity (can/will the project continue after the initial grant period is completed)

• Does the project have measurable objectives and goals?

• Cost effectiveness and project practicality

• Partnerships with other sources of funding and/or match and number of volunteers participating


Grant projects for 2013 will be for a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,500. Other sources of funding and support in the form of partnerships are strongly encouraged. A contract-for-services agreement must be in place for each recipient before any funding is disbursed. A total of $4,000 is available for the grant program in 2013 during the open application window.

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