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Pheasants Forever 12-28-2012

Pheasants Forever

Imagine wildlife-friendly grasslands succumbing to the plow… Fire churning through winter-cover cattails…Pillows of smoke rising against an otherwise gorgeous sunset… Does this sound familiar?

This was the landscape 3 decades ago, people hunted all day to only kick up one hen – if they were lucky

30 years ago, upland habitat had deteriorated to the point where pheasant hunters rallied to form a group to at least stem the tide, if not turn it... they wanted Pheasants Forever.

Flash forward to today and we’re still fighting these same forces, we’re still fighting for what we feel is right- and we need you to join our cause.

Become a Pheasants Forever member today, and make a lasting impact forever.

Because we – and the pheasants that call our wild places home – know the work is never done and that we desperately need your help, we’re giving you a limited time offer:

With your membership you will receive a FREE Pheasants Forever blaze orange Gear Bag as a sincere token of our appreciation. 

With “The Habitat Organization” and Pheasant Forever’s logo proudly embroidered on its sides, this Gear Bag has three zippered pockets, an expandable front pouch, double-buckled dust flap, and plenty of room for all of your “go-to” supplies. However, this is not meant to overshadow the bleak future our wildlife has – if we all don’t act now…

Become a member today, make a difference forever.

Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs.

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